Artist’s Donations- Our Guest Artists

Terri writes:

To give credit where credit is due:
The funds raised at our recent art raffle will be used to finance the PAPCG Guest Artist Program. For this program, we invite nationally known artists to present at our regular guild meeting. What happens next varies from artist to artist–some folks demonstrate techniques or how to use a particular tool, some give slide show retrospectives of their work, some talk about their creative process. In the past year, we’ve had such luminaries as Kim Cavender, Barbara McGuire, Layl McDill, Jane Wynn, Julie Picarello, and Dayle Doroshow presenting. They all did something a little different, and they were all absolutely lovely presenters. The best part about this program? It’s FREE to paid members. That’s right–for the low cost of membership, you get to learn from the masters (or mistresses, as the case may be) in the field!
So here’s a special thanks to our past and future guest artists who contributed their art to our raffle!
And here they are:
Valerie Aharoni
Jana Roberts Benzon
Kim Cavender
Grant Diffendaffer
Dayle Doroshow
Marla Frankenberg
Tommie Howell
Layl McDill
Barbara McGuire
Libby Mills
Julie Picarello
Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg
Eugena Topina
Jane Wynn

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