And a BIG Thank You to our Guild Members!

Terri writes:
Our guild members are a really terrific bunch. They are fabulously talented, incredibly generous, and just generally fun to be with. It makes perfect sense that many would choose to donate to our fundraising raffle–after all, we are the ones that benefit the most from our guest artist program. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our home-grown talent, but I was unprepared for how amazing that talent actually is! Thank you all so much…and seriously, you guys rock! When we start up in the fall, give these folks a pat on the back (gently!) and big thank you:

Martha Aleo
Lisa Clarke
Linda Cook
Eileen Cressman-Reeder
Barbara Egnor
Patricia Eisele
Arlene Finocchiaro
Lesley Gevins
Dorothy Gray
Arlene Groch
Susan Gross
Lenora Kandiner
Barbara Kunkel
Emily Squires Levine
Ellen Marshall
Robin Milne
Joyce Miskowitz
Denise Pettit
Helene Richardson
Lois Rosenthal
Janet Scheetz
Sue Springer
Joan Tyree
Patti Underwood

And also, I’d like to specially thank Polymer Clay Express. Rob & Wilma have always been very generous to our guild, and donated three gift certificates for attendees of the raffle. If any of the winners need help spending theirs, please let me know!

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