What You Missed….

Our meeting yesterday was lightly attended, allowing for a smaller, more intimate grouping.  We had an absolutely spectular demo on filling channel bracelet blanks with polymer clay.  The first part of the demo involved filling the channel with a solid color of clay.  The second part of the demo involved laying in a patterned sheet of clay….like maybe something you will make in Ellen’s surface treatment class next month.  Everybody jumped right in, and it wasn’t long before people were filling their bracelet blanks with old canes and pretty scrap!  The handout will be posted on our website, so everyone will be able to  join in the fun.

We also got three new library books–“Artful Polymer Clay” by Gail Ritchey, “Amulets & Talismans” by Robert Dancik, and “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations” by Maggie Maggio & Lindley Haunani–all of which were checked out immediately.  Hopefully, we’ll get reviews on them next month from the folks that checked them out.

Terri Powell, deputy to the deputy blogger


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