Give Me Libb(ert)y or Give Me Death!

Patrick Henry isn’t a member of our guild, but I’m sure he’d sign up in a heartbeat in order to take advantage of our members-only guest artist program. (Well, if he hadn’t died in 1799, that is.) At our March meeting, we’re proud to present another exciting guest artist–Libby Mills.  Libby will be showing us how she combines polymer clay with metal, and also how she makes her world-famous scribble beads.  If you’d like to check out Libby’s work in advance, visit her website at  She’s an amazing artist, and pretty darn fun to hang out with, too.

(Personally, I’m really looking forward to this. I first met Libby 6 or 8 years ago at the SCPCG’s biennial retreat, and I’ve wondered about those scribble beads for a long time.  Finally, all will be revealed….)

See you Sunday!

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger


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