April Fun

  • Lenora Kandiner generously stepped in to demo at our April meeting. She showed us some of how she’s been experimenting with foils and 3 color mokume gane.  Thanks, Lenora!
  • One of the topics heavily discussed was the newly expanded polymer clay section at Michael’s. They are now stocking tools from Walnut Hollow and Sculpey and a variety of products from Lisa Pavelka.
  • This upcoming weekend brings Mona Kissel to the guild to teach what I’m sure will be an amazing Textures & Techniques workshop.  I think there’s still room in the class.  If you’d like to sign up, head to http://papcg09.fatcow.com/store/index.html.
  • Next month, we have our fund raising raffle. Donations are pouring in (okay–perhaps “pouring” is a bit strong) from near and far. We are always so fortunate to collect really amazing work, and I can’t wait to see what loveliness our members donate this year!  If you haven’t donated yet, that’s okay.  Procrastinators (like me) can bring their donations the day of the auction.  See you next month!

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger


  1. Thanks, Terri! I hear it was a great meeting. Mona’s class promises to be educational and fun! I am keeping an eye out for late registrants. There is room for a few more so sign on up today!

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