Raffle Teaser

Wasn’t he a character from “Cats?”   Seriously,  we hold our our annual PC Art Raffle during the May 16th meeting!    Clay, shopping and friends – what could be better?     You still  have time to donate!  See Maisha at the event if you have a last minute entry.   Proceeds of the raffle support our Guest Artist Program.  If you enjoy having  demos with artists like Libby Mills,   Layl McDill ,  and  Julie Picarello  , to name a few, and  like having all the fees already covered in your annual dues,  please come to the May meeting and participate.

Here are just  a few of the many items you can win 




I have offered to teach a class to guild members next year  and donate the proceeds to the Guest Artist Fund. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Martha Aleo    Deputy Blogger



  1. Hi Martha.
    Thanks for posting the teaser! Last year, our membership & other friends of the guild donated so many wonderful things to support the guest artist program. I’m really looking forward to the event this year, even though I always have such a hard time deciding where to put my tickets (although I definitely have my eye on those earrings donated by Louise Fisher Cozzi!). In the meantime, though, it’s only two weeks away (yikes!), so I’d better get working on my item for donation!

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