Procrastinators of the World–Unite, When You Get Around To It!

So last time, Martha posted a little raffle teaser for our upcoming fundraising event.  Martha is always way on the ball–as in she shoots, she scores!  She’s up to date on the posting, and she’s already decided to donate a wonderful class to the guild, she makes lovely stuff (and she’s prolific), and she’s an all around good egg. 

Me, not so much.  Well, maybe I’m a good egg, but I’m not so much on the ball.  But–it’s not too late for me (or for you)!  If you haven’t figured out what to donate, there’s still time.  Fortunately, in their infinite wisdom, the raffle organizers will be accepting items all the way up until the day of.  For those of us that procrastinate, this is excellent news!  If you’re not able to make a lovely piece to donate (although I so wish you would–I love the wonderful work that our guild members do), don’t forget to bring your $$$ to buy tickets on May 16.  This is our big fundraising event, the one that supports guild programs all year long, and we’re looking forward to your support.  Plus, you could win one of many fabulous prizes, like a trip to Mazatlan*, or a bowl by Emily Squires Levine!  (*Actually, we don’t really have a trip to Mazatlan.  Can I replace that with some lovely wirewrapping by Helene Richardson? )

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 16th, and agonizing over where to put my tickets….

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger

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