We’re Off to a Great Start!

Our first meeting was a great start to a new year!  Olivia & Pauline demoed (is that a word?), and were so generous with their knowledge, their materials, and their tools.  Thanks, guys!  I wasn’t able to take the class on Saturday, but it looks like everybody did a really great job.  Olivia says she’ll be sending the handouts electronically, so that the entire membership has access.

We also decided to cull the library, and auctioned off a bunch of non-polymer related materials.  We made almost $100, which will hopefully be put back into the library.  There’s a lot of new material out that I think our membership would like.  (I know I would!)

Show & tell was great.  I’m always so impressed with the amount of talent in our guild.

Next up is Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg.  To quote Arlene, “Even if you’re not a caner, take the class.”  Lynne’s that good a teacher, and there’s still room in the class.  It’s Oct. 16, with Lynne as the guest artist on Oct. 17.  You can sign up (and pay your dues, if you haven’t done so yet) on our website.

Looking forward to seeing you all next month!

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger

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