The Clay News and New Photos Uploaded

Check out our Flickr page.  And don’t forget, the Clay News deadline is December 30. You like to read it and I enjoy putting it together.  That’s why I do it.   But  I am not going to have a ton of time  to spend on it because I have a crazy life like all of you. I have set a deadline of December 30th and I will get it out before the first member meeting in January.

I will consult the Guild calendar and web pages for class/meeting information.  I ask the members for the following (in no particular order)  A story on Ellen’s class- The URL of your blog or web site if you have one -shows you’ve done, articles published, classes taught, and other news.  (We really need to start tooting our own horns!!!!!!)   Polymer clay tips and tricks, recommended blogs, web pages, books, products, videos with a short paragraph about them.  You don’t need to write a review but  they are cheerfully accepted.
Recipes, color, clay food or otherwise.
Any kind of article on art or creativity or inspiration or flux capacitors (just wanted to make sure you were still reading).  We are not  restricted to polymer here.  Any kind of report from committee, board, officer ( money, library – I know this is difficult with no librarian)  We need volunteers!!- anyone willing to write a paragraph or two so we can spread the word?
I will edit everything- don’t worry about making it perfect.  Please  come up with an idea and take 20-30 minutes or so to knock something out.

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