Martha! Ancient Patina Class rescheduled and a new Demo for the Next Meeting!

Martha Aleo will present her amazing Ancient Patina Techniques at a fundraiser class now resecheduled to September 17.    This class will be open to all as Martha will graciously donate all class fees to the guild in support of our Guest Artist program.

But that’s not all!  Martha will demonstrate Collage Jewelry Techniques at our next meeting, February 20.  There will be demos on soldering, attaching rings, glass cutting and more to incorporate into your polymer clay jewelry or artwork.

CLICK on the link below for Martha’s  full 6 page handout of resources and tips.  It is a large file, so be patient.  It is worth the wait!

Collage Jewelry


One comment

  1. I substituted a smaller version of the file that is much easier to download. Other than size, it is identical to the huge I had provided to the guild.
    Thanks all!

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