It Resinates with Me

Sunday’s meeting had wonderful resin demos by three of our very talented guild members.   Emily Squires Levine showed coating polymer tiles with Envirotex Lite.   Mary Askew filled polymer bezels with Ice Resin.   Denise Pettit coated polymer pieces with UV-curable Magic Glos. Three different resins, three very different applications.   Each of these artists has thought carefully about what’s the right resin for the job, and how to best apply it to their projects.   Very interesting and very informative.

In more Guild news:   Next month is our showcase fundraiser.   I would love to see all of our members donate their art for this, but that’s just because I think we’re all so talented.   (Yes, I’m including myself in that group.   And yes, I know if I pat myself on the back any harder, it’s going to leave a mark.)   But seriously, this is a great opportunity to win some work from our talented guild membership (or pick up some new supplies), while raising funds for our guest artist program.   It’s definitely a win-win.   (Especially if you stuff the box!)   It’s not too late to donate work–just let Denise know what to expect from you.   It’s scheduled to happen at our next meeting on May 15.

Until then….

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger

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