Upcoming Showcase Fundraiser–the Vendors

As you all probably know by now,  our upcoming showcase fundraiser is scheduled for Sunday, May 15.   I’ll detail the member donations soon (some of us slacker types are still,  uh,  hard at work on our donations).   But we’ve also gotten some lovely donations from vendors.
In particular,  a shout out those who are new to the fold:   Ornamentea,  B’Sue’s Boutique,  Shades of Clay,  and Rings & Things.   Additionally,  we have received donations from JHB International,  Polyform,  Softflex,  Polymer Clay Superstore,  Clearsnap,  Kalmbach Publishing,  and Golden Paints.   But wait, there’s more–and lovely art pieces from Louise Fisher Cozzi and Marie Segal.   (Does it make me look greedy if I try to win Louise’s donation two years in a row?   Just asking.)
These kinds of businesses,  the ones that give back to the community,  are the kinds of businesses that we want to support.   Next time you need something (or if you don’t get the item that you want from the fundraiser),  it would be great to get it from one of these places.   We’ll be publishing a full list with the web addresses after the fundraiser, to make your shopping even easier.  (Like you needed my help with that.)

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger

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