Upcoming Showcase Fundraiser–the Members

You’ve all heard me expound (at length) about how wonderful and talented I think our guild members are.  I say that not just to drum up business for our fundraisers, but because I truly do believe it.  As proof, I offer this data:  I am the proud owner of pieces by guild members Martha Aleo, Ellen Marshall, Joyce Miskowitz, Emily Squires Levine, Mary Askew, Gwen Agard, Sarah Fisher, Pat Eisele, Robin Milne, Denise Pettit,  Dorothy Gray, and a collaborative piece by Arlene Groch and Susan Gross.  (I’m sure I’m leaving people out, but I can’t remember who!)

This Sunday’s fundraiser is a great opportunity for you to pick up finely crafted items or supplies, donated by our guild membership.  Here’s who’s donated (or pledge to donate) so far:  Martha Aleo, Carol Blake, Helene Richardson, Arlene Finocchiaro, Susan Gross, Nancy Wambaugh, Sarah Fisher, Emily Squires Levine, Mary Askew, Pat Eisele, Patty Pickup, Rita Simm, Denise Pettit, Robin Milne, Ellen Marshall, Arlene Groch, Joyce Miskowitz, and me.  Some of these people have generously donated items of their own creation in polymer clay or other media.  Some have donated supplies or other goods related to polymer clay (including vintage Polymer Cafe magazines).

This event is how the guild funds our guest artist program, where we bring national artists in, free to guild members.  It’s the only program of its kind in the country, and a huge benefit for the entire membership.   Here’s a great opportunity to support the guild on multiple levels and win some groovy swag, to boot!  If you wanted to donate something but haven’t yet, it’s not too late.  Just let Denise know.

Hope to see you all Sunday, ready to buy your tickets and win your lovely prizes!

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger (who is prepared to stuff the bin for items that she really wants!)

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