Doreen Kassel Workshop and Guest Artist

Vintage Style Small Sculpture & Ornament Workshop
with Doreen Kassel
Saturday, March 17, 2012
Doreen will be a guest artist on Sunday, March 18

This workshop will focus on creating fun, offbeat ornaments & small sculpture. Your imagination will run wild creating creatures & beasts from reference & expanding from there, or pull ideas from your own imagination!  We’ll work sculpturally with lots of texture, scoring & low relief, achieving high & low recesses. An initial coat of dark brown oil paint collects in these recesses  &  is gently rubbed off. After that first coat of is rubbed off, different colors of oil paints are applied, using the same technique of painting & rubbing. When rubbed, the colors reveal themselves to be subtle & beautiful. Every crack & fold adds to the charm, giving the piece a lovely vintage feel. Happy accidents occur, no great sculptural skills are necessary.  Students are consistently surprised by the work they produce using this fun & forgiving technique.
You’ll spend the workshop creating beautiful vintage style works of art!

If you can’t take the class,  Doreen will be the guest artist at the March 18 meeting.   Members only.

For more information, go to our web site

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  1. I just signed up! The website worked great. You ladies have been doing an amazing job with the Guild!
    (From the former head cheerleader!)

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