Don’t Miss our February Meeting!!

We have two great presentations for our Guild meeting Sunday, February 19th. Thanks to Patty Pickup for pulling all this information together.

Jenn Dorion will reprise the demo she did at Clay-a-thon. Samples of her are below.  Find out how Jenn creates those glistening clear gems. You will be surprised when you learn how she does it, but you won’t find out unless you come!
If you would like to follow the demo:

 Materials list:     Black or white ClayKato translucent liquid clay (aka Kato sauce)Foils (Jenn likes Jones Tones) 
Alcohol inks (Jenn will have some foil and Kato liquid available for purchase) Tools:    Heat gun (preferred heat gun brand is Marvy — available at Michaels) Decorative paper punches (optional)

Molly DiBianca will talk about adding that extra gloss to your pieces – a  review of the many products that are on the market.  including  an overview of the different types of resins and the types of applications each is suited for; brands and pricing within the different types; and the pros and cons of each brand brands.

Molly will cover  tips and tricks to that give rise to “resin-avoidance disorder,” such as air bubbles, uncured resin, etc.  Finally, Molly will show ways to expand the use of resin,  including how to add color to resin and the tools she uses  for “cold enamel” or “faux cloisonné” techniques.  She will briefly cover mold making.

Don’t forget!!

We still have openings for Doreen Kassel’s class on Saturday, March 17th.  Please see our web site for details: .

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