Drops, Dangles, Daggers and Druks

The May 20 Fundraiser is approaching.  If you like beads here is your chance to win  all kinds of beads that I have accumulated over the years.  These are not reject beads.  Included are beads I bought in travels to New Mexico, Florida and during a buying frenzy at Shipwreck Beads in Oregon.   There are beads from Venice,  Czech glass, beads from India and other places.  There are focal beads, spacers,  and a few gemstones.  There are a few lamp worked beads (none of mine) but most are pressed glass.

There are matte beads, shiny beads. foiled beads, beads with an AB finish, top drilled. side drilled and center drilled.  There are leaves hearts, tablets, tubes, dangles, daggers,  drops and druks.

Will they be auctioned off in lots?  In surprise packages?  By color?  You will have to come to the fundraiser to find out.  If you want to see more items that will  be up for grabs at the fundraiser, press here, here and here.

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