The Evolution of Jana

From one of our blogging members.

More Mojo, Less Hobo

I first met Jana Roberts Benzon at ClayQuest in St. Mary’s Georgia in (I don’t know–temporal memory is not my strong suit) in 2005-or-6-ish.  Her specialty at that time was incredibly intricate kaleidoscope canes.  I found the nature of the patterns fascinating (but not so much that I was willing to take up caning).  Here’s the piece I have from that era:

Next, she developed sinuous, organic seaforms.  I did not realize until recently that I have the very first one.  I saw it before it was fully finished, and, in my very best Looney Tunes fashion….yoink!

Lately, she’s been working in more geometric/laser cut forms.  On a recent visit, Jana was kind enough to give me these (the photo does not do justice to the dimensionality of these):

As you can see, Jana is incredibly talented (as well as kind and funny and generous), and it’s been interesting to watch her progression as an…

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