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Guest Artist Program

Who doesn’t like to take classes with nationally known polymer clay artists like Jana Roberts Benzon, and Lynne Anne Schwartzenberg? Now, imagine doing it for  free. You can if you’re a member of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild and you come to one of our meetings where we present a polymer clay artist from our Visiting Artist Program.

The program works like this: A nationally known artist agrees to give a class to a number for Guild members who pay class tuition. We hold the class the Saturday before our regularly scheduled Guild meeting. The artist returns on Sunday for the meeting and teaches and demonstrates for the entire Guild. Or, the teacher can elect to come to the Guild meeting only, as a guest teacher. In both instances, the Guild pays the teacher’s fees for the Sunday meeting out of money raised from member dues and other Guild fund raisers I can’t imagine getting more bang for your buck than joining the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild. Where else could you get a bargain like this?

In addition to the artists already mentioned, we have had visits from Christi Friesen, (who taught and gave a slide presentation which she started off with the narrative,” I was born at a very early age,”) Valerie Aharoni, whose class was brimming with practical tips and design ideas (and who handed out packages of UltraLight Sculpey, courtesy of Polyform Products) and Eugenia Topina who showed us how she makes her awesome faux cloisonné creations.   We have hosted  Donna Kato, Barbara McGuire, Jane Ann Wynn, Oliva Surratt, Kim Kavender,  Diane Villano, Leslie Blackford– I know I have missed people but you get the picture.

Our fundraiser is May 20.  Please come and support this wonderful program.

Press here to find out more about the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild


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Martha Aleo, Deputy Blogger


Comments on: "Guest Artist Program" (4)

  1. Robin Milne said:

    Here is the list I have been keeping of the artists that have visited us at PAPCG: Donna Kato, Lynne Ann Swartzenberg, Dayle Doroshow, Layl McDill, Jeff Devers, Dan Cormier, Maggie Maggio, Eugenia Topina, Marla Frankenberg, Julie Picarello, Valeria Aharoni, Ellen Marshall, Jana Roberts Benzon, Barbara McGuire, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Cynthia Toops, Robert Dancik, Jane Wynn, Diane Villano, Kathleen Dustin — I know my art has grown immensely from learning from these artists – Robin Milne

  2. Robin Milne said:

    OMG Doreen Kassel we just had her visit. Im sure Ill think of even more – Robin

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  4. […] McGuire provided when she taught her distinctive Mokume Gane technique as part of the guild’s Guest Artist program, I got to thinking.  And that’s always dangerous.   The handout was only for […]

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