Why Art Matters

From the Artful Explorations in Nature blog.  Read the whole post here


  1.  “Art transcends the barrier of language, making both the work and message able to be viewed by a global audience.” -Mandy Barker
  2. During times of financial crisis and environmental concerns, recycle art and public art has the power to visually reflect concerns and raise interest towards a greater cause. –LIKE Architects
  3. Art has the ability to morph the old into something new, adding aesthetic appeal to places that were trashed or forgotten.
  4.  “Art has the ability to bring people together, outside a purely financially driven model to share ideas, spending time—not money—and returning home richer in mind without having to worry about finding a place for another newly purchased product.” – Michael Pinsky
  5. Art can recycle materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, such as electronic materials and can “generate new objects that can be reinserted between us in a useful and aesthetic way.” –Rodrigo Alonso
  6. “Art can make us aware of nature’s presence, but it can also show nature’s processes.” –Stacy Levy
  7.  Art can “take what the site engineers consider a problem and make it into an asset.” It can become a “toolkit for solving simple environmental issues.” –Stacy Levy
  8. Art can highlight new uses of materials and provide the spark needed to inspire the world to reduce and reuse.
  9. Environmental art can reinforce the connections between individuals and the natural environment, motivating individuals to take greater care of their world.
  10. Art brings to light true impact of pollution and other environmental issues through the power of the visual.

From the Artful Explorations in Nature blog.  Read the whole post here



  Martha Aleo, Deputy Blogger

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