And in more Arlene news….

Arlene Groch will be exhibiting at Wheaton Arts Festival of Fine Craft in Wheaton Village, NJ on Oct. 6 & 7.  This is a wonderful juried show, and it is Arlene’s first time participating.  Congratulations, Arlene!  She’ll be in Booth #218 in the main gallery building.  If you are interested in going, take the Walt Whitman and head toward Atlantic City, then Route 42S to Route 55S and take Exit 26.  Follow the brown signs to the Wheaton Arts & Cultural Center.  There will be kid-friendly activities all day, and you’ll get to see some amazing fine craft.   For more information, check out the WheatonArts website at

(Unfortunately, I’m having a computer issue, and am currently unable to include the event flyer.  I will try to remedy this soon.  This is what happens when you let the deputy to the deputy blogger take care of things.)

And again, congrats, Arlene!

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger

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