More Kathleen

Martha already posted about Kathleen Dustin’s slide show at last Sunday’s meeting.  I’d like to add a little from the Friday/Saturday class:

Kathleen prays to the gods of polymer.
Student work.

One of the most interesting things about classes for me is to see how differently we all interpret the information that we’re given.  The purse at the bottom left was the demo piece that was made by Kathleen over the course of the class, and which was given to one lucky class participant. 

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger


  1. I really enjoyed this class. Kathleen was a wonderful teacher. I came home and since I did not like the one I made in class I have two in works in my studio now. I will post when they are finished. Who was the lucky winner of the purse?

    • Hi Christy. Agreed–Kathleen is a wonderful and generous teacher. I am actually happy with what I made in class-it just needs a little more detail work. Very much looking forward to see what everyone does with what they learned!


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