Are you ready for a Marathon Meeting? Best parking ever!

We are going to have a great meeting on Sunday with our return to Hillman, lots of work time and space, Demos on Jewelry Construction and a chance to sell off your unneeded studio supplies.

What could possibly get in the way? Thanks to Arlene – NOTHING can get in our way!

OK, you may have heard that the Philadelphia Marathon is in town on Sunday morning. That means thousands and thousands will be joining us in Philadelphia. This traditionally can cause some parking issues for us.

Arlene has arranged for us to have access to the parking lot at Hillman. Nothing could be more convenient! The garage entrance is in front of Hillman (on 22nd Street.) The cost for the garage is $150 total for the day – we have hired an attendant. I am going to pay for this directly (not the guild.)

So Guild Members and Guests (this is a Bring a Friend for Free meeting!!) are welcome to use the parking. I will be collecting the lesser of $10 or $150/number of cars who use this parking on the honor system. Just come see me at the meeting to pay (cash please.)

This is the first time we have used this system. There may be some glitches, but I will arrive by 0930 and hopefully get them any glitches sorted out. If you think you will want to use this parking you can drop us an email at I will send you my phone number and we can stay organized on Sunday.

I hope this helps removes any obstacles for you to attend this meeting. It promises to be outstanding! Looking forward to see you there.

PAPCG Guild Cheerleader

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