Yetta, Yetta, Yetta! (And Ellen Marshall, too!)

Ellen Marshall led this month’s meeting with a session on necklace design.  Ellen brought in some of her early work and pieces by Kathy Amt and Maggie Maggio to illustrate  design principles and explain how to solve design dilemmas. Members brought in their own work and we had a lively and friendly discussion.  And we were graced with the presence of the inimitable  Yetta Colodne who brought three necklaces for Show and Tell.

Thanks to Ellen for such an instructive and inspirational  presentation.  If you would like to read the article by Ronna Savaras Weltman that Ellen recommended,  “Principles of Good Design,” in the December 2010  Step-By-Step Wire Jewelry, press here.

Special thanks to Sarah Sorlien for arranging for members to park in the Hillman garage instead of having to look for scarce street parking on Philadelphia Marathon day.    And congratulations to Sarah on her election as guild president!

It was a great end-of-the-year meeting.  But we’ll keep the blog posts coming during the break.



Martha Aleo, Deputy Blogger


  1. Thanks, Martha! What a great report. I look forward to seeing you and so many other Guild members in January at the Clayathon and at our next monthly meeting at Hillman in February.

  2. I remember Yetta from Yetta ‘ s Wear house Outlet in Inwood and in her Village store on 6th Avenue with the mannequin outside when I was a child. She was always outstanding ingle creative with incredible drive, an astute business woman and totally charming.I don’t think she knows it but she had a huge impact on me and I think a lot of her life lessons got me through a lot of life’s tests. Thank you.Pat

    • What a wonderful testament to Yetta! She is an original and I’m sure she has influenced so many people over the years. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

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