They LIKE us!

I was so happy to hear the new CEO of Yahoo was planning to put more time and energy into their photo site, Flickr. The Guild has been using Flickr to host our photos for quite a while. I am planning to try out the new iPhone app for Flickr – that should be great for uploading Guild photos in real time from meetings.

I am going to update the site today with pics from the November Meeting with the new App. Wish me luck!

The best part about Flickr has been sharing our work with the National and International Polymer Clay community. I get emails like the one below once a week or so…. People are following, liking and commenting on our work!

If you haven’t seen our Flickr site in a while, check it out for auld acquaintance and new inspirations!

PAPCG Cherleader

Our message today from Flickr:

Hi Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild!
Here’s the most recent activity related to you.

Pod necklace by Dorothy Gray
273 views | 0 comments | 4 favorites
MandarinMoon added this as a favorite. 8


One comment

  1. I think I’m looking at these as you are uploading them. What beautiful work! I’m so glad I’m going to Clayathon! Muse muse muse muse muse!

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