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OK, I confess, when I first heard about Twitter, I was more than skeptical. Who really needed to hear little 140 character announcements from their friends, after all? I imagined getting endless messages on my smartphone like “I just made lasagna and did the laundry.” or “That jerk cut me off in traffic!” Love my friends, but this seemed a little nuts.

Some years have gone by, and now I, like Betty White, am becoming a fan of “The Twitter.”

It may not be the best way to stay in touch with your friends, but it is a VERY useful way to get information. You can sign up to follow the Twitter feed from an airline and get up to date information on flight delays, for example. I use it to follow Chefs, newsmen/commentators, and the Food Network. It is nice to see the brief, up to the minute announcements of events I am interested in.

A Twitter account is free and does not require that anyone ever post a “tweet”. All you need to use for registration is a name and an email address. it is much more private than Facebook.

Anyone can use Twitter to get information. For the businesses or people who are tweeting out the information – it couldn’t be easier. The messages are short and sweet. The Tweets can include a photo or link to a website, and they can easily be sent like a text message from a cell phone. This is easier than updating the website, sending an e-newsletter, or even writing a blog post.

Like Facebook, there are many Polymer Clay Artists on Twitter. As of today, so are we! We are following some polymer clay luminaries, and I will “retweet” interesting items from their newsfeed. That means if you follow PAPCG on Twitter, you will get these “retweets” from Polymer Arts, Cynthia Tinapple and others when you check your Twitter Feed from @PAPCG.

There are other benefits, though. If you follow us (@PAPCG on Twitter), you can get the most up to date news on when Master Class registrations are opening, meeting changes or reminders, and reports from the meetings. We will also use the feed to keep our members up to date on upcoming shows and items of interest.

Here’s another possibility – you are in your studio and make something gorgeous or you are working on a piece and need some suggestions – you send a photo and tweet to the Guild feed. Other Guild members see it and, just as we do at a meeting, we are there for you to admire your work or help with brainstorming suggestions. Of course you can also mention the lasagna or the guy who cut you off in traffic, but it will sure be nice to keep the feed on topic. I see this as a way to extend the best features of our meetings. This is the promise of Facebook without all the privacy issues and weirdness.

So the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild has officially “Put a Bird on it (tm Portlandia)”.

Please give it a try! You can sign up for your free account at Search for @PAPCG and follow us. I would love it if we could get 20 followers by Clayathon. Are you with me?

PAPCG Cheerleader

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