Chairperson Needed for Spring Fundraiser

We are looking for someone to make our annual Spring Fundraiser better than ever. Denise Pettit has organized our Fundraiser in the past and has decided it is time to pass on the torch to another member. “Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help the Guild as Fundraising Chair these past few years, my family needs me more right now. Also, a new Chair can add different ideas and skills to what I have done previously.”
The fundraiser allows the Guild to give members access to the best polymer clay artists in the country. Without the fundraiser membership fees could increase as well as individual costs for the workshops. Feel that this job is too daunting…well be assured that Denise is incredibly well organized and is ready to pass along all her vender and artist contacts and other info to help you. And as Chairperson you can wrangle other members to assist you.

Being a Committee Chair is a great way to get to know the other members and to help our Guild progress to being bigger and better than ever! Drop us an email at if you would like to help.

PAPCG Head Cheerleader



  1. Could you please tell us who is presenting and what in the photo. Those of us who didn’t make the meeting don’t have a clue.

  2. This was Show and Tell from the September Meeting, Kathleen. Sherman is the emcee, but it was work from several folks at the meeting. It looked a little like the set up for the Fundraiser and I had it handy on my iPad when I was posting this. It would be great if we could tag all the pictures. I think I would need an assistant :)… Maybe there is a way to crowd source that on our Flickr. I will put that on the wish list! Thanks. Sarah

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