Homegrown Liver of Sulfur (or is it Sulphur?)

While at Clayathon, someone (Sorry! I forget who.) asked me a way to patina silver without using liver of sulfur. LOS is not particularly toxic (well, not any more than lots of chemicals you already have in your house). But, if you have chemical sensitivies, or are out of LOS and want something patinated RIGHT NOW!!!, you can use eggs. (Now you know why eggs smell like that….it’s the sulfur in the yolks.) I poked around the web a little, and found this method on ehow: http://www.ehow.com/how_5023326_oxidize-silver-jewelry-eggs.html.

Good luck!

terri, deputy to the deputy blogger


    • It was a wonderful weekend, Arlene. The new venue is very nice, and our guest artist was fantastic. I so appreciate how much work you put into making it such an enjoyable event for all of us. Looking forward to #9 in 2014!

  1. I am hoping to join a group and begin to learn how to really work with polyclay. I live in the Lehigh Valley (Macungie) and have fooled around with the clay but don’t really have a direction. It’s always better for me to be around others who know what they are doing and are willing to encourage a newcomer. Thanks for letting me join to receive news from you all. Betty Laevey

    • Hi Betty!
      Welcome aboard! Our membership has a very broad range of experience and includes some really talented people. It’s an incredibly generous group, and I’m sure you’d learn a lot if you could join us for a meeting. (I learn new stuff every time!)
      We’re on hiatus for summer, but please continue to check our blog….and our flickr site, and our twitter feed, and our facebook page. (We’re well connected on the web.) And hopefully, we’ll see you in the fall!

      terri, deputy to the deputy blogger

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