Snow Day!

Nemo didn’t have a big impact on Philly, so hopefully our friends in NJ and beyond have their power, a stocked fridge, and no plans to go anywhere today. That is a great recipe for a day of claying!

My Snow Day Polymer Clay Challenge is to organize my studio space. Guild Member, Emily, is coming over next week and we are taking the extruders out for a spin to prepare the demos for next Sunday’s Meeting so we will need a place to get the job done. One of the inspirations for the demo is in the picture below – I call it “Honey, I shrunk the cane.”

After Bettina Welker’s pixelated Retro Cane and BJ’s groundbreaking use of the extruder in her border canes I declared this “The Year of the Extruder!” Hope to see you next week so we can explore what this tool can do for you.

I am looking forward to Show and Tell next week to see what you accomplished on your Snow Day!

PAPCG Head Cheerleader



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