Flash Sale at CraftArtEdu

Check out the sale at CraftArtEdu.  We are partnering with CraftArtEdu for a surprise benefit at our May Meeting.  For our Guild May is International Polymer Clay Month and we plan to use online resources to make our trip.  Here is a great place to start a personal journey!  (Members keep an eye out for a Members Only newsletter by Sunday.)


PAPCG Head Cheerleader

More Creative Mojo from CraftArtEdu!

YOU are very special, and we know it! We appreciate your support of CraftArtEdu.com, and have a special perk for you this week:


30% OFF all your purchases

through Sunday!


We’re calling this a “Flash Sale” because before you know it, Monday will be here and this sale will be “gone in a flash!” : )



Whether you buy one class or ten, you will save 30% on each and every one! Why? Like we said… because we appreciate you!


Thank you for letting us be part of your creative life.




Donna Kato

Founder, CraftArtEdu.com

How to SAVE 30% on your purchases:

This offer expires midnight CT, Sunday, April 28, 2013.

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”

~ Edwin Land Read 


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