Emily at Rittenhouse Square this Weekend

Emily’s Clay Table at Clay ConneCTion 2012

I am an early riser and usually the first one to the Clay room when we are on retreats.  I entertain myself by taking pictures of everyone’s clay tables.  There is always such variety.

So Emily’s beautiful bowls, showcased recently on Polymer Clay Daily begin like this.  We clayers appreciate the process.  Caning in particular transforms the clay almost magically.

This is the season for artists to display their creations (and hopefully exchange them for money!)  There are many craft shows over the next two weeks.  This weekend is one of my favorites at Penn’s Landing – Art Star Craft Bazaar – lots of hipster crafts there.

This year I am going to step it up a notch and go see Emily at the Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair.  If you want to see Emily and the other fine artists, head down to Rittenhouse Square this weekend (Friday May 10- Sunday May 12) and come see what they have to offer.    


PAPCG Head Cheerleader



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  1. Soft clay – if your clay is too soft to work with, try leaving it sandwiched between sheets of absorbent paper for a little while – experiment with small pieces to see how long it takes to reach a texture you can work with. New formulae for polymer clay mean that many, if not all, of them are now extremely soft, which makes detailed work very difficult, so this technique is invaluable. Sadly, it won’t solve the problem completely, but it does ease the problem a bit.

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