About the Upcoming Klay Away Polymer Clay Retreat July 18-21

Just got this message from Sharon Mihalyak, President of the South Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild.  Many of our members attended the Clay ConneCTion Retreat last year.  If you can’t wait til it comes around again in 2014, you don’t have to!  Klay Away Polymer Clay will be held this year in Nashua, NH.
Here’s Sharon’s message:
Hi All,

Just a quick reminder about Klay Away Polymer Clay Retreat that will be held at Rivier University, Nashua, NH on July 18-21. (It’s not Klay Karma, but almost.)
I so enjoy going to Klay Karma on the years that Clay ConneCTion is off.
I’m going to Klay Away this year. So glad Seana and friends were able to make this a reality.
Format is similar to Clay ConneCTion with a big workroom that is open most of the time. Demos will happen throughout the retreat. We can stay in the dorms and food is included. (yay!!! No cooking or cleaning 😉
Hope you can join us for a really good time.
Sharon Mihalyak
President Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild, Inc.
If you can’t get to Facebook, the contact Seana Bettencourt for the full scoop: seana@thepolymergarden.com

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