A new dawn for our website!

Sunrise in Jamestown, RI

A new dawn for our website! Our blog is now http://www.papcg.org.

We are consolidating our web presence for simplicity. You can get all you need to know about the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild from these pages and the associated links.

We will be updating the blog theme this Summer. We will also continue our monthly and members only newsletters as well as our page on Facebook and our Twitter feed (@papcg).

We welcome your suggestions, and hope you enjoy the new approach.

PAPCG Head Cheerleader


  1. I was unable to view the information regarding the Southern Conn. Polymer Clay summer “Klay” function because I am not a Facebook member. To view it required a Facebook sign-in. I hope we’re not headed in that direction of forcing people to be a member of something they don’t want to belong to just to get information. Lesley Gevins

    • I understand, Lesley. That is why Seana’s email address is there – for folks who don’t use Facebook. Go ahead and drop her a line and she can help you with the information. She is the organizer.

  2. Another benefit of our transition to the blog rather than the traditional website: we are now in a much better format for your mobile devices and tablets!

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