Our Fantastic Flickr Archive is a Daily Inspiration this Summer

As you can see, our Deputy Blogger, Terri, has agreed to once again to give us a Summer of Inspirational Polymer Clay Photos to lead us into the new Guild Year.  I enjoyed her project last year, and I was so happy she agreed to do it again.  This time she is delving into our personal guild history. 

Yahoo has given Flickr a big upgrade and the results are stunning.  If you haven’t seen it, you can start out with our history there as it unfolds through Terri’s posts.  You can see old friends (some, sadly, no longer with us) and watch how we have shrunk through the years. (As near as I can tell, being a member of the Guild promotes weight loss, woo hoo!)  

And you can see how we have grown, too.  Remember the first cane you made?  It might be in there!  I like to look at the early work of folks who went on to polymer clay greatness.  You can see the sparks of their newest designs there.  

For July and August, Terri will be blogging our Flickr photos that go back well over five years.  Please help us out with these!  Much of the artwork on our site is unattributed.  Let’s get credit where credit is due. Follow our blog this summer and name that artist!  You will get extra credit if you go over to the Flickr site and comment on your own work or that of a friend.

So kick back like Terri here, and have a great Summer.  Enjoy your Daily Dose of Polymer Clay Inspiration each weekday in July and August thanks to Terri and the many talented members of PAPCG.


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