Meeting this Sunday with Guest Artist Bonnie Bishoff

Shawl Pins by Bonnie Bishoff demonstrating layered Translucent Technique


What a meeting we have planned for this Sunday at our usual Hillman House Location, 22 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia from 10 AM- 4 PM.

Bonnie Bishoff will be demonstrating her layered translucent technique.  You can work along if you bring your basic tools, favorite colors of clay, white & translucent clay as well as some waxed paper or deli wrap.

We will be having Show and Tell so we look forward to seeing what the students have created in Bonnie’s Polymer Clay Marquetry class from Saturday.  We also want to see your art creations from the Summer.

This is a members only meeting, so you can make your dues current on the home page of this website, or bring your $40 dues in cash or check to the meeting.

There will be a BRIEF business meeting at 9:30 for all interested parties.  We have been planning the upcoming meetings and classes for the year and need a little input.  I also need some help with the website/internet issues.

I look forward to seeing a full house on Sunday!


PAPCG Head Cheerleader

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