48 Ladies and Sherman – Will you be our # 50?

48 Ladies and Sherman - Will you be our # 50?

48 Ladies and Sherman – Will you be our # 50?

I am so pleased to announce that we are at 49 members already in this new Guild year! We are gaining new members every meeting, and I know why! There is a lot going on at PAPCG.

Will you join us this weekend and sign up to be #50? That will be cause for celebration. The meeting this week is free and the topic is excellent for beginners and experts alike.

And we wouldn’t mind some more guys to round out the group…… just sayin’…..

Hope to see you Sunday. Working on a suitable prize for #50!


  1. I would love to join. I am in michigan. Have clay will travel :). I was theilled to see the clayathon guest artists. Sad though because it is the same dates as the buckeye bash in ohio that I just paid for last week. Buckeye ends Sunday feb 16th. Wondeeing if I could come to clayathon the last few days. Is that allowed?? I think many would come to both events if it was a weekend after or before buckeye. I wish I had found your group post before I paid for the bash. Please keep me updated on any information about clayathon. Ill try to attend both. Thank you. Kim Idalski

    • You can see the Clayathon website, too, Kim. It is also on WordPress. Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly news as well. I will give Sherman your email address for the Clayathon specific newsletters.

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