March Madness! Sandra McCaw is coming to teach our Guild March 15 & 16.

Balancing Act

Well, Arlene and I kept this under wraps as long as we could.  Not actually on purpose, unfortunately.  Our misstep is a happy accident for our Guild mates.  You see way back in December of 2012, we made a terrific deal with Sandra McCaw to come for a one day workshop and a Guest Artist visit in March of 2014.  In all the years I have been with the Guild, we have never lost track of an artist invitation and accidentally overbooked.  I hope our Guild members will be as gracious as Sandra McCaw and Melanie West have been about this rare event.  Arlene and I are completely full of humble pie, so please go easy on us, and enjoy the “new” program.

Sandra McCaw, famous for her mystifying kaleidoscope caning and for the way she brings mathematical precision and beauty into her art will be sharing her design secrets in the workshop Balancing Act on Saturday March 15.  As a bonus she will join us and demonstrate her caning technique at a Members only Meeting on Sunday March 16.  You can see her work at   You can download the class description and materials list PDF file from the Scribd link embedded below.

Guild members will have first pick of the limited seats for this workshop via a direct members only email going out today, February 1.  Non members, we would love to have you join and take the class!  Sign up for our newsletter coming out next week and you will get the PayPal link and registration instructions then.


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