Arlene on Serendipity


Following all the deserved attention last week Arlene writes:

Thanks so very much for your interest, comments and support. It gives me such a boost! It inspired me to take and post photos of more of my newest works.

I’ve been developing my collaged bead techniques for the past couple of months, and really enjoying making them using lots of different techniques. Last week I saw Ron Lahocky’s technique which he’d shared on Cynthia Tinapple’s Sat. Mojo site. Ron had shown it to me years ago, but it had not sunk in at the time. This time I was ready for it, and modified it to make my shapes with one baking rather than three! What a time saver that is. And the artistic bonus is that with this method I can easily modify any any shape. See, e.g., the second photo of the yellow-green necklace and the center bead in the first, purple necklace. I started each bead using a cutter I’d made years ago, but which had gotten crushed in my drawer. At first I was disappointed, because I’d really like my shape. Then I actually looked at the cutter and realized that the crushed shape was far more interesting than the original! So I used it for those sort of amoeba like beads, each of which is slightly different from the next.

I’d be happy to demo these during the Clayathon retreat, for anyone who might be interested in seeing it.

Thanks again,


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