Holiday News and a Holiday Tip from PAPCG

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Feast.  With more time off than ever, I find I have less time than I think!  That means the December PAPCG Newsletter is delayed, but I wanted to bring you some news and a little tip I discovered.


1.  REMEMBER – There is no meeting in December.  We will see you all back on Sunday January 18 for our next meeting.

2.  Our January Meeting is the always popular CraftArtEdu Guest Artist meeting!!!!  Ellen is going to coordinate the choice of class for the meeting.  We need your suggestions and requests!  Head over to and browse through the classes.  If there is one you would like to take at the meeting, then drop us a line and we will get it to Ellen.

3.  Our next three upcoming meetings are members only.  Ellen has a great Guest Artist line up with CraftArtEdu in January, Olivia Surratt in March and Eugena Topina in May.  Keep an eye on the website calendar and upcoming newsletters for more info.

4.  I hear you still have time to get an awesome workspace at the February Clayathon in Atlantic City.  Set at the elegant Stockton Seaview Resort this is about the finest Claying Retreat you can find at a bargain price.  If you need more information, send us a line and I will see it gets to Arlene, the Clayathon organizer.

So now for a TIP!!

I was washing out an aluminum foil food takeout container for recycling, and inverted it to get it clean. And there I saw, the most awesome heavy duty aluminum foil tent for baking my polymer clay!   Basically free and good for the environment.  The Afghani eggplant dish that came in the container was yummy too.

I have a lot of travel coming up, so look for a newsletter around Christmas.  Happy Claying!


Recycled aluminum tent aluminum tent in action

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