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And Ice too! Oh My!

To our Members:

I am at Hillman, but we have reports that the roads are closed near many member’s homes.  PLEASE take care and don’t venture out if it is not safe.

This is why we do the CraftArtEdu class in January!  The weather is unpredictable, but if it is bad, you can still do the class at home.  If the roads are too icy near you, get a cup of hot cocoa and fire up your computer to learn from Donna Kato and our CraftArtEdu Class.

The link for the class and the handout are in your members only email that arrived on Monday.

So if the conditions for travel are not good where you are, dig out your coziest sweater and settle in for a PC day at home.


PAPCG Head Cheerleader

Comments on: "And Ice too! Oh My!" (2)

  1. some day I will learn how to use an apostrophe correctly, too.

  2. I was so looking forward to getting to a meeting, got up, got dressed, got my tools together, packed up some show and tell, looked out the window and Yikes!! A sheet of ice. See you all at Clayathon.

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