February News

Remember there is no meeting in February.  The next Newsletter and Meeting will be in March.  On Sunday March 15 the amazing Olivia Surratt will teach us three cold connections to use in constructing earrings and clasps for our polymer clay beads.

We don’t meet in February because most of our members are at the Clayathon in South Jersey from February 13-18.

And if you are not signed up for Clayathon yet?  Arlene has a message for you:

Don’t let fears of the weather keep you stuck home while we’re having the time of our life at the Clayathon Retreat from February 13-18.

The weather prediction for our Retreat week at the Jersey Shore is for daily temps between 39 and 46 degrees, and no storms predicted.

  How about making a last minute decision to join us for up to six days of immersion in the creative world of polymer clay? Join 53+ artists for daily demos from Turkish muralist Alev Gozonar and from many talented state-side talented artists. [One example: a 5-6 person demo/panel discussion of the expansive possibilities of silk-screening on clay.] And so much more.

Have I piqued your spontaneous side? If so, check out our South Jersey Clayathon Facebook page, and the information below. Then contact me and I’ll let you know if we still have room for you — if so, two weeks from now you’ll be having the time of YOUR life!

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