What Sarah made at Clayathon – Stones would play, inside her head…

OK, I am not royalty, so I shouldn’t talk about myself in the third person.  Luckily I got help with the AV duties (thanks Eileen!), so I was able to do some serious claying to prepare orders of my OdorStones (pic below) used to hide odor for the sport of K9 Nosework. (It’s a sport – really!)  Like Perrie, I don’t think I left the hotel for the whole time I was there!  A wonderful long weekend of hanging with friends, swimming, claying, eating, playing and relaxing.  I also got some great gifts from friends (one seen in picture below from Robin.)  And, of course, I spend a lot of time boring everyone to tears about K9 Nosework.  Thanks to you all for listening.

So when Robin announced the NJ Guild is meeting on Sunday March 1 with the theme of Faux Wood and Stones – you know I was in.  You can see more about the NJ Meetup HERE (Facebook) or HERE (Yahoo) or on the MeetUp site HERE.

My rocks

OdorStones Flyer

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