What is a meetup? We are having one March 15!


A meetup is basically the biggest activity of our group.  We get together with a topic in mind or a Guest Artist planning a demo on something to do with our shared interest, polymer clay.  Through the years, the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild has had other functions come and go such as hosting a lending library, publishing a quarterly newsletter and sponsoring Master Classes in Polymer Art.  The demand for these “services” has waned with the advent of an explosion of online resources.

Well one thing the internet can’t replace is the special experience of face to face meetings.  Meetings where small details in a presentation or discussion can be the key to unlock a problem you were trying to solve with your art process.  Meetings where friendships are formed.  Meetings where you can share your “finds” and experiments.  Meetings are what we do.

Our meetings are thriving – with typical attendance between 20 and 30 members.

But here is where the Internet has made it easier for us to accomplish our goal as a group to have our vibrant, inclusive and worthwhile meetings.  They have invented the meetup.

Meetup.com is a website with the tools meeting organizers need to create a REAL not virtual community.  Through the years we have cobbled together various free and paid Internet resources to communicate with our members and create our own meetups.  Meetup.com has built a better mousetrap.  We are going to use it!

In honor of this, the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild is stepping forward with a new name and a new process for connecting our members.  We will soon be the Greater Philadelphia Polymer Artists Meetup.

During the transition from now through May, we will be using our traditional methods to contact folks as well as the tools from Meetup.com.  This is your chance to get to know the new procedures. I hope all interested will head over to http://www.meetup.com, sign up for their free account, and check out our plans for March HERE.

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