Our Next Meetup: Sunday May 17 10-4 at Hillman with Eugena Topina

REMEMBER:  We have no Meetups scheduled for April.

Our Next Meetup (and last Meetup til the Fall) is Sunday, May 17.  Eugena Topina will demonstrate from her tutorial on polymer “Openwork:  Under A Microscope”  This amazing technique has been featured on Polymer Clay Daily, and it will be a treat to learn some of the ins and outs of this unique technique from the artist herself.

Eugena has this and other tutorials on her site http://www.polymertutorials.com.  Those who know they want to learn this technique may want to purchase the full tutorial ahead of time HERE and take advantage of the meeting to ask your specific questions.

This and all future Meetups are announced and scheduled on our Meetup.com site.  We are the Greater Philadelphia Polymer Artists Meetup Group.  If you want to stay in the loop, join 80 other Polymer Artists and create your free account at http://www.meetup.com and join our group!

The May Meetup is announced and  described HERE at Meetup.com.

You can ow4s Topina

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