PAPCG is now Greater Philadelphia Polymer Artists

We are changing our name, and the tools we use to “Meet Up” (thanks to!), but we are the same enthusiastic group of polymer artists.  If you haven’t joined our group on, take a moment now so you don’t miss a thing.  You can find us HERE.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you at our Meetup in May with Eugena Topina.  That will be the last Meetup before the Summer hiatus, and the last Meetup I will be organizing for this group.

This group has been meeting for almost 20 years, and I expect we will still be going strong 20 years from now!  We want to keep having our Meetups about 6 times a year at Hillman, but we will need a Polymer Artist volunteer to organize each meeting.  Volunteers can organize one or more meetings.  The organizer can be an individual or a team.  You decide!

The organizer sets the agenda for the meeting and organizes a guest artist or demo for the day.  The organizer also commits to answer any emails about that meeting (they come through the site) as well as agrees to arrive a little early to Hillman to set up and stay through until the end of the meeting.

Organizing the meetings is made easy with the tools at  Once you let us know you want to organize a Meetup, we will make sure you have the permissions to post your Meetup.  It will automatically be added to the Greater Philadelphia Polymer Artist Meetup Calendar, and members will get an email announcement.  As you have seen, people will RSVP for the Meetup, so you will have an idea about attendance.  Our Meetups have typically been 20-30 attendees.

We recommend that you charge between $5-$10 for the Meeting.  (There will no longer be dues, so this is a flat fee.)  We ask that the organizer collect the fee from the participants and then send half to the organization via PayPal to cover expenses of rent, fees, etc. The organizer keeps the other half of the fees collected

And what about rent and the venue?  That’s easy too.  We are reserving the Hillman house on the Third Sunday of the months of September, October, November, January, March, and May. will keep the calendar current.  An organizer can choose one or more of these months and post their chosen Meetup date at any time.  If the organizer has another venue or event they want to plan of interest to Greater Philadelphia Polymer Artists, that is good too.

So if you have some ideas for a Meetup, drop us a line!  Help keep the tradition going and growing.

Sarah Sorlien

Greater Philadelphia Polymer Artist Meetup

(formerly Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild)


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