Clayathon is Coming

The holidays over and the dark frigid days of January have descended and parked themselves at our doors for a few bitterly cold weeks.

But behind the facade of ice, snow, and despair, Arlene Groch and her Polymer Army are working like nervous beavers to make Clayathon 2018 a reality.

If winter’s here, can Clayathon be far behind? (Apologies to all the usual suspects.) 

Here are some pictures to tide you over.



  1. Wow, some of those are true blasts from the past! I miss the old Days Inn. But I could never go back – I would have a really hard time giving up all of the space we have now!!

  2. I didn’t think I could be more consumed with all things Clayathon right now, or more excited about the anticipated arrival of the Retreat and Workshops. But your blog increased my excitement level. 😦 But the photos…and the memories that brought, made it all good. Thanks for your great blog.

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