Shake, Rattle and Mold: Molding Party at Next Meeting Sunday August 19!

!PLEASE NOTE:  Our new meeting hours at Blue Santa Beads are from Noon to 5:00 pm.!

Don’t miss our next meeting on  Sunday, August 19 at Blue Santa Beads.  Sherman will show you a ridiculously easy way to make molds and use them to cast copies of your polymer creations or anything else you want
in quick-curing resin.
We can have a molding party making molds of each other’s treasures. Below is the list of supplies to bring if you want to join in on the fun.
Supply list:
1.) Items to mold ( old jewelry, items with a cool texture, your polymer creations,  natural items (twigs, seed pods, shells) or anything else you would like to copy.
2.) Silicon molding material (Information below)
3.) White casting resin (information below)
4.) Work surface
5.) Baby wipes and paper towels
6.) Disposable cups and toothpicks (for mixing resin) if you have them
The silicone molding material can be found in most craft stores or ordered from Amazon.
Amazing Mold Putty
White Opaque (not clear) Amazing Casting Resin. Make sure you get the opaque white one in the purple box. The clear takes too long to cure. This might be harder to find in a store. 

You can order this from Amazon.

Here are some pictures to get you inspired.

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