Links and Findings in February and March!

We are going to have a two-part workshop at our February 17 and March 17 meeting.
Patty Pickup will show us how to make links and findings from polymer.

Mar1Everyone know how to make beads and cabochons in polymer clay but we reach for the string, the cord, the wire to join our pieces. In this demo/workshop we are going to look at how to use polymer clay to create chain links and findings in polymer clay.

Part 1 February (Concentric Cutters)

Materials list:

In addition to conditioned clay (I like Kato but bring what you like except Sculpey III) , please bring (if you have them — no need to go shopping if you don’t as I will bring some)

Concentric Cutters: Circles are fine, ovals are even better, any shape really works (By concentric, I just mean that you need the same shape in different sizes. They don’t even need to be the same shape but that is a good start. Remember these shapes are for links so small is good. Kemper tools are fine. Makins cutters come in lots of fun shapes
You can buy a set with a lot of good shapes on Amazon.


We will continue with Patty’s Links and Findings  workshop in March.  Plus there will be an extra surprise at the March meeting that we will let you know more about in the next blog post.


Upcoming Meetings  
Please note our new meeting time noon to 5
We know Sunday mornings can be busy with church or family obligations so we changed our hours to make it easier to attend.



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