Remember Clay Carnival in Las Vegas ?  Donna Kato and her team of fabulous teachers are moving east to the Jersey Shore area.   Clay Back East runs from June 12 to 15, 2019 in Atlantic City, New Jersey at  Bally’s Resort and Casino.

The cost is $500 for four days of polymer immersion, includes four classes, clay and a party,  Hotel rooms are a reasonable $89 a night (excluding resort fee and taxes)  Parking $5 for your entire hotel stay.

The class lineup is fantastic!  Spain’s Fabiola Perez Ajates is teaching in the US for the first time.  She’ll be joined by Germany’s Bettina Welker, and France’s Sylvie Peraud.  Leslie Blackford Donna Kato   round out the teaching roster.  I’ve never taken a class with Fabiola (although I have salivated over her work).  I have taken classes with Donna, Bettina, Sylvie and Leslie.  They are all skilled, friendly, generous teachers.  You’ll learn so much!   Bettina, Sylvie and Fabiola will teach one-day classes.  Leslie and Donna will teach half-day classes.

Fabiola Perez Ajates Collage of Polymer
Bettina Welker Snap!  Bracelet
Sylvie Peraud Origami Diamond Earrings

Donna Kato Surfboard Earrings
Leslie Blackford Vintage Animal Jewelry
But wait there’s more
As if getting to learn from and hang out with all these amazing instructors isn’t enough Donna has made the deal even sweeter by giving every student a gorgeous example of her work. On top of that there is a store with work for sale from all the teachers as well as all sorts of tools and clay and supplies.

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