April Online Meeting

We had out first on-line meeting via Zoom and it was so good to connect with everyone who logged on. One of the beauties of an online meeting, aside from the fact that you don’t have to travel to get there, is that it’s easy to join the meeting when you want and to leave when you want, and that’s what people did. Along the way, we got a peek at one another’s studios, shared on on-line show and tell, and caught up with one another.

We have decided to suspend dues for the time being, to purchase a copy of Zoom professional which will give us more options for meetings, and to start using the Slack app for better communication and project sharing. We would also like to present some video classes. We will post all the information you need to take advantage of these resources on this blog and in the member newsletter. Stay tuned.

And let’s keep in touch. If you come across a good video, class or website, drop us a line in the comment section and we will spread the word.

Here are some pictures from the meeting.




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