Keep on Claying!

Patty  is trying out Cosclay

Interested in trying Cosclay® ?  Don’t know what it is?  Their website describes it as  a “specialized, hybrid, plastic/rubber polymer clay that will retain flexibility after curing. Unlike other polymer clays, Cosclay®s’ unique flexibility imparts a durable and resilient quality that is suitable for endless applications. This includes stop-motion characters, posable figures and much, much more! The possibilities are truly endless.”

Here’s a tutorial for sculpting a flexible dragon bracelet.


Robin Milne recommends these demos and on-line classes:

Christi Friesen’s Creative Play Days

Donna Kato’s demos at Feat of Clay

Leslie Blackford on Facebook


Here’s the latest video from Ana Belchi


And some good news!  The Clay Factory has started carrying all the wonderful Cernit products like Magic Mix and Cernit glue.  Click here to see all the goodies.



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